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Save Up To 50% off Bank Check Prices!

Ordering checks from a Bank is known to be extremely costly. What we have done is provide 11 online check companies you can search from that will both save you time and money. Using the money saving codes you will be able to save up to 75% below what Banks charge for checks.

Below You can find the current discount codes

Use Discount Codes and Save up to 75% off over 1000 Designs
Free Shipping and Handling - 2010 Deals
Coupon Code Brand and Introductory Offer Current Deals

Artistic Checks - Coupon Code
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49¢ on 2nd Box & Free Shipping!
BWF168 Carousel
- Coupon Code
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Business Checks
GWF525 Check Gallery - Coupon Code
Free Shipping and Handling
2nd Box Just 49¢
AFFR Checks unlimited Reorder Customers, Free Lettering, Mylines, Symbols, Free 4th box of checks, Free Special Edition Upgrade, Checks starting at 10.95 per box
NAFF Designer Checks - Coupon Code First Time Customer, Free Shipping and Handling, Free Lettering, Free 4th box, Free Labels w a 2 or 4 box order, Special Edition Upgrade, Checks start at $7.50 per box
9KW817 Identity Checks - Coupon Code
Free Shipping and Handling
49¢ on 2nd Box & Free Shipping!
9MW821 Life Checks - Coupon Code
Free Shipping and Handling
49¢ on 2nd Box & Free Shipping!
8MW780 Message Products - Coupon Code
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Starting at $21.95
ZWF515 Styles Checks - Coupon Code
Free Shipping and Handling
2nd Box Just 49¢


Process of Searching for Unique Check Designs

It has become even easier to find personal checks, all you need to do is use our quick search box located at the top, type in a word of a phrase which describes the type of design you are searching for, click go and instantly you will have all the check designs which match the keyword term that you typed in. Ordering checks online has so many benefits, one of the biggest is the ability to be able to save yourself up to 75% off the usual price that you would be charged for regular bank checks.

The steps involved in ordering online are very simple, fast and ultimately it will save you time and money in the long run. By far the internet is the best place to look for cheap checks, without having to go through the hassle involved of contacting your bank.

What is Popular?

So what check designs are popular? What is being orderd more by consumers and why? Well you might be suprised to know that Fairy checks are classed within the top 10 selling personal checks today. Maybe people just like the idea of having a fairies, or maybe they are big fans of Peter Pan. Be sure to view these they are created by Amy Brown and she also has labels, contact cars and check book covers available aswell. Amy is known also for creating Mermaid checks.. so if your looking for a bit of fantasy... these will be right up your alley.

So what else is hip and unique? Well Animal checks are always a big hit, especially Frog checks for all those who love to collect frog items. Then you have Hershey kisses checks for those who are crazy chocolate fans and cant get enough sugar!

If your into helping a good cause or caring for the enviroment, you will be want to take a look at the Recycled checks and the various cause personal checks which cover topics like children, planet, social, animal, women and human rights. Another Big favourite of peoples has been the Patriotic checks, Kenny Chesney checks, Diamond plate checks and of course the hit tv show I love Lucy checks.


Check Registers and Deposit Tickets are also extremely popular, they allow you to keeo your banking transactions organized and they come in a variety of different styles

Whatever your interest is, you can be sure to find it through our quick search.

Cartoon Checks satisfy the kid in us.

Everyone has their old and new favourite cartoons they have watched growing up, everything from Where the wild things are, Lion King to famous disney movies. Be sure to check out the disney cartoon checks.

Photo Checks add that personal touch!

It doesn't get much better than this. Here is way to share all your treasured memories with other people, you can have your family, pets, cars, vacations, wedding, anniversary, graduation and so much more placed on a check. If you can snap a photo, you can place it on the check.. there is not limits to what is possible here.

The process is very simple, you upload your photo, position it on the check and place your order.. boom! You can even place your favourite photo on other items like checkbook covers, tote bags, Labels, stickers, clothing, memory books and mouse pads. Photographic Checks are by far the best way to get exactly what you want.

It isnt hard to place a photo on a check, creating photo personalized checks is quick and easy, simply take a photo on your digital camera, hook up  your digital camera to your computer, save it to a folder on your hardrive, then go to the photo check printers website, browse for your photos using a button, select them, upload them, position them on the check you want and complete the order. Every step is detailed on the photo check website.

What is the cost of Checks?

There are numerous different companies which can be found through our search tool above, prices vary, to find the exact price for a check that you might be interested in, just click on the check and you will see the price on the check printers website. For the most part the prices of checks ordered online vs offline are dramatically lower. You can save up to 75% off what a Bank would charge. These are discount checks but the same if not better quality than what you would order through a bank. It's a lot easier to find high quality cheap personal checks online with the use of the search tool.

Placing an order online for Checks

Cool personal checks isnt a check printing company, yet what we do is search, and categorize all the various companies who offer the lowest prices on checks. You simply use our search tool which is above or browse our menu, find the design you want, click through and then complete the ordering process on the printers websit